Impact Competition Featured On the #Impact Podcast

December 20, 2022 / 5 mins read


The Impact Competition was recently featured on the #impact Podcast hosted by Regina Larko, a podcast whose core purpose is to elevate and celebrate deserving voices by empowering purpose-driven organizations and individuals to tell their stories in an intimate, authentic way.

Using episodes to feature the stories of specific non-profits, the podcast seeks to empower listeners to take action and live a more conscious life as they learn ways others are giving back to society and how their own contributions can make the world a better place.

The episode, titled "From First Idea to Scaling Social Impact," features a conversation with Impact Competition founder, Lance Breitstein, as well as two Impact Competition partners who have been key players in competitions at Indiana University.

One of the guests, Shawna Meyer-Niederman, serves as the Associate Director at the Kelley Institute for Social Impact at Indiana University. For the past four years, Shawna has been the Impact Competition Coordinator at the Kelley School, and has played a huge role in putting on an absolutely stellar annual competition at Indiana University.

The other guest, Wendi Goodlett, is the CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County. In 2019, the Impact Competition partnered with Habitat for Humanity, with the winning idea, converting shipping containers into affordable homes, garnering so much love that students, even on the teams that didn't win, went on to volunteer for the organization after the competition ended. The first completed shipping container home has recently been completed: read more about this amazing idea brought to life here.

In the podcast episode, the guests discuss not only the timeline of the Impact Competition's creation, but also its inspiration, recipe for success, and some examples of how it is already having an impact on students and communities around the country.

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